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Activate Align Expand 10 Day Manifestation & Alignment Program

Activate Align Expand 10 Day Manifestation & Alignment Program

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Are you ready to get aligned and manifest your dream life?!✨

The Activate Align Expand Program is a 10 day virtual course that feels like a total reset for your energy, life and mindset, plus it’s the only place you can get your hands on Shayla's powerful manifesting formula.

This course focuses on manifestation, mindset, daily routines, and living in alignment.. it’s basically your guide map for how to embody the energy of your highest self and live a life that’s in alignment with your deepest desires. 

You can do the Activate Align Expand Program anywhere and anytime you’re ready to up-level, manifest a new desire or when you’re in need of an energy reset, however it also comes in clutch at the beginning of each new year, at the start of a new month, a season change, on a new moon, full moon or anytime you feel disconnected, misaligned and stuck. 

All you’ll need is roughly 60 minutes a day for 10 days. At the end of the 10 days you’ll have clarity on what your next level self and life both look like, and more importantly, feel like, plus you’ll have the framework you need to take inspired aligned action and easily make choices that are truly in alignment with what you desire as you move towards manifesting your dream life.



    • 10 Modules that offer a step by step guide for you to hit the reset button on your energy and life, so that you can align your energy with your desires, activate magnetic energy within you and ultimately expand into your next level self and life.
    • 40 beautifully designed worksheets to guide your journey towards self-discovery, alignment, and deeper self-awareness.
    • 13 videos that feel like heart-to-heart chats filled with invaluable wisdom and guidance.
    • 10 exclusive guided meditations to help you get grounded and aligned on a soul deep level.
    • 10 activations to help you embody and fully integrate each module.
    • Lifetime access to current, new and/or any bonus content added to the program so you can begin, pause or restart as many times as you need or want to!



Aligned: Your energy and actions will be in harmony with your deepest desires.

Empowered: Confident in your ability to manifest your dream life.

Clear: You will have a clear vision of your next level self and life.

Inspired: Ready to take inspired, aligned action towards your goals.

Uplifted: Your vibration will be raised, and you'll feel more positive and optimistic.

Transformed: Significant shifts in mindset and perspective will have taken place.

Focused: Equipped with routines and rituals that support your well-being and goals.

Free: Released from limiting beliefs and past emotional burdens.

Connected: Reconnected with your inner self and aligned with your core values.

Motivated: Excited and driven to continue your manifesting and personal growth journey.

Peaceful: At peace with your past and open to new opportunities.

Balanced: Achieving a harmonious balance between your aspirations and daily life.

Enlightened: Expanded consciousness and deeper self-awareness.



Q: What can I expect in each module?

A: Within each module there are instructional videos that feel less instructional and more like a heart to heart FaceTime call with your manifesting bestie, an exclusive guided meditation, a guided journaling activity via worksheets and an activation, which is essentially an inspired aligned action that will enhance the focus for the day and help you embody and integrate the work you’re doing.

Q: What will I gain from completing this program?

A: Completing the Activate Align Expand Program is a journey of profound transformation and empowerment, offering participants a multitude of benefits:

Clarity and Vision: Through self-reflection, visualization, and goal-setting exercises, participants gain clarity on their current circumstances, desires, and aspirations. They develop a clear vision of their next level self and life, empowering them to define and pursue their dreams and desires with confidence.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: By identifying and confronting limiting beliefs, participants learn to release self-imposed barriers that have held them back. They gain the tools and insights needed to overcome negative thought patterns and cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility.

Emotional Release and Healing: The program provides opportunities for emotional release, forgiveness, and reframing past experiences. Participants learn to let go of resentment, heal emotional wounds, and create space for new opportunities and blessings to enter their lives.

Alignment and Manifestation: Through guided meditations and practical exercises, participants learn to align their thoughts, beliefs, and actions with their deepest desires. They discover how to tap into their innate power to manifest their dreams and create a life of purpose, joy, and abundance.

Empowerment and Action: Participants develop personalized action plans and learn strategies for taking inspired, aligned action towards their goals. They gain the confidence and motivation needed to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.

Routines and Rituals for Success: The program introduces participants to empowering routines and rituals that support their well-being and maintain alignment. They learn practical techniques for raising their vibration, staying focused, and cultivating a mindset of success.

Expanded Consciousness and Self-Discovery: Through self-reflection prompts, identity shifts, and exploration of core values, participants experience profound self-discovery and expanded consciousness. They gain deeper insights into themselves, their desires, and their potential, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.

Q: I’m not from the U.S. can I still participate?

A: YES! The AAE Program is open to anyone and everyone, worldwide!


Q: How long do I have access to the program once I join?

A: Once you join you have access to the program content for life ✨ that means anytime new content is added to the program you get access to it at no additional cost! Plus you can start, pause, stop, restart etc. as many times as you’d like!


Q: How does the timing of the program run? Is there a schedule?

A: The Activate Align Expand Program was designed to be completed over a consecutive 10 day time period, so while there is an intended schedule in place to help you stay committed and on track, this is a self-guided program - so you have the freedom to show up for the work this program calls for as it feels right to you! 


Q: Are there any live calls with Shayla during the program?

A: There are no live calls during the Activate Align Expand Program, if you’re looking for more face to face deep work with Shayla then The Yoga Inspired Life Program may be more your speed!


Q: How is the Activate Align Expand Program different from The Yoga Inspired Life Program?

A: The Activate Align Expand Program is a 10 day program that focuses on manifestation, up-leveling your mindset, energy alignment, and creating an aligned routine that will propel you towards your dream life, while The Yoga Inspired Life Program is a 12 week self-discovery focused program with an emphasis on yoga.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to each module?

A: I would say to plan on spending anywhere from 60-90 minutes on each module, give or take. It really depends on how deep you want to get into the work, but at minimum plan to spend 60 minutes per module. 

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